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Twitter - Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

Jaiku - Jaiku’s main goal is to bring people closer together by enabling them to share their activity streams. An activity stream is a log of everyday things as they happen: your status messages, recommendations, events you’re attending, photos you’ve taken - anything you post directly to Jaiku or add using Web feeds.

Pownce - Pownce is a way to keep in touch with and share stuff with your friends. Send people files, links, events, and messages and then have real conversations with the recipients.

SocialThing - It’s a place to see “what’s up” in your digital life, and figure out where to go to from there…

Playtalk - PLAYTALK is a microblog based social network service, limiting posts to 250 characters. This is a great way to meet friends and keep up on what they are doing.

Soup.io - The easiest way to publish, collect, and share what you’re creating, thinking about, or discovering online.Soup is your tumblelog. It’s an online scrapbook: Share tidbits, thoughts, observations and snapshots of your own, or collect stuff you find on the web.

Cromple - Cromple is the easiest way to keep all your friends updated in one place with this simple blog system.

Tumblr - Tumblelogs are the easiest way to share yourself. Post anything. Customize everything.

NowThen - NowThen, the new way to capture the pulse of your life in mobile photos. Snap, share, and store your moments for free.MMS or email a photo to NowThen and it will be instantly sent to your friends’ mobile at no extra cost.

Vooeasy - The most colorful social network for grown-ups in the world. VooEasy is just `TOO EASY’ to get hooked on. At VooEasy, you can have your own space where you can ask/answer questions, write simple blogs (using cool DataPlug features), jot down daily musings, join groups, assemble “teams” (trust us, it’s cool) and even host a small online garage sale anytime you want. It’s fun.

FunPiper - FunPiper, a place for weekends, lets you plan your weekends, invite your friends and family to join you and, have some fun together.

BeeMood - Create your network of friends and tell them which is your mood, what are you doing, what are you thinking, by web or mobile wherever you are!

MoodMill - MoodMill is a social mood management website. It’s a personal mood management, a log, a quick ‘n easy website for managing and sharing your short logs with your contacts.

Yatam - Yatam is the easiest way to let your friends know where you are going to be and when you are going to be there! Share your favorite places you like to visit, with your friends, family, and the rest of the world.

Loopnote - The best way to keep your audience & friends in the loop!

Easily send multi-channel messages about events

and things you care about!

Zannel - Your lifein real time. Post vidoe, picture, or text updates with your phone to start an instant conversation with your friends

Mobicue - Share moments with friends on the go.Updates with text, picture and video.

Hictu - changing your perspective. Hictu is a video microblogging service. Users can create their own microblog with small posts (with text, audio and video), personalize their public profiles, manage a presence-enabled friend list, meet new friends. It’s easy to use, funny, effective and free.

Jott - Jott, get simple back, converts your voice into emails, text messages, reminders, lists and appointments. Jott allows consumers to easily and safely send emails and text messages, set reminders, organize lists, and post to web services with their voice.

Gatsb - Be social, be mobile. Gatsb allows you to post pictures and notes about what you’re doing from your mobile phone and send the picture message to Gatsb to share it with your friends and the world

Shopalize - Shopalize is a global community of people sharing their shopping experience by answering one question: What did you buy today?

Meemi - Meemi lets you create your microblog and share with world your texts, your photos, quotes, the links, events and your videos.

Meshly - Meshly, the easiest, fastest way to post links to your personal space as well as stay in contact with like-minded community members!

CubeVoice - CubeVoice is a place where you can jot down what’s going on at work and see what’s going on at other people’s work

Poodz - Join the Poodz community and use your mobile or pc to post messages with videos, pics, sounds and publish them anywhere.

Twitxr - With twitxr you can share a moment, a picture, a thought, instantly with your mobile phone

LiveShouts - Liveshouts is a handy place to keep in touch with your friends, share photos taken on your mobile and let others know what you are up to.

KeepDream - lets you posts about your dreams

ThingFo - instant community for anything.Create a destination for the things you’re talking about. Share your things with your friends, meet new people

PlaceShout - Tell San Francisco what places make you happy, satisfied, or rip-roaring mad…in 100 characters or less. What place makes you want to shout?

Groovr - What’s up in your city? Lost your friends? We’ll find them. Looking for something to do? groovr keeps track of what’s cool. Find local events happening in your city right now. Mobile pictures, video, and live chat give you an inside look before you head out

Radar - Show and tell. Instant picture conversations with your favorite people and no one else. Send Radar your picture messages and your friends can comment on it thru their phone or pc.

Twoggle - Share with friends, family and strangers - What you are doing right now? Let the world know what you’re up to using Twoggle.com, your instant messenger or mobile phone!

Pulse - Pulse is a carefree mini blog where you can say what’s on your mind!

BlogThot - Blog Thot helps you connect with your friends and contacts. Share photos, videos, and links from around the web on your personal microblog

Yurbo - Yurbo is the easiest way to keep all your friends updated in one place! Every time you post your friends get updated with what you are doing!

Bloggino - miniblogs for friends. Group blogging aroundthe topic you define

IRateMyDay - Let the world know how you feel

Emotionr - How are you feeling today? Emotionr is a free tool for you to store and share your feelings, and to track your happiness. It’s the best way to spread joy, get sympathy and find out what makes you and your friends happy - socially and worldwide.

FoodLily - The new way for Dining Micro-Blogging. Where’re you eating?

Plurk - Your life, on the line. Plurk is a social journal for your life

SecondBrain - Your Personal Online Library. Use your Secondbrain content management tools to collect, organize, search and share all your web content in a single library.

BrightKite - Location-based social network

Microblogr - The Micro Blogging Social Network

Kwippy - It’ll change the way you blog and network!

Yonkly - A simple microblog

Twoorl - A simple microblog

Snockles - The mobile social messaging revolution

Floort - We know what you’re thinking! Floort is a place where you can tell the world what you think about just about any topic

Help - Ask a question, post a rant, tell us your story.

Adocu - What’s your status? adocu is a way to let your buddies and the world know what you’re doing at that exact moment in one word - that’s what we call nano-blogging

Bebo - Bebo is a social media network where friends share their lives and explore great entertainment.

Sweeter - a microblogging service with karma, todo’s, etc.

Watwet - Know what your friends, family, and co-workers are up to by posting to each other short & snappy messages

Anywr - Socialize with your contacts anywhere

Cliqck- What people are buying and why?

Rememble - Rememble is a ‘washing line’ for your digital bits and pieces. Thread together texts, photos, videos, sounds, scribbles, scans, notes, tweets… so they’re not drifting in a digital wasteland.

ByNotes - start geoblogging today! Tell your friends where you are or send them messages, events, photos and videos on the go!

Blip - A music related microblogging network

Zobzee - It’s Like Twitter & FriendFeed Combined… But So Much Awesomer!”

Mixin - What’s next? What are your friends doing this week? mixin lets you share your daily activities and intentions to get together more often with your friends

MoonRise - The question is - how are you feeling?

Food Feed - What are you eating? foodfeed is a service that helps you share your eating habits with everyone, from anywhere

P0pulist - keep up with what you like :)

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