Τρίτη, 14 Απριλίου 2009

Η κριση στην αμερικανικη οικονομια συνεχιζεται αμειωτη και τον Μαρτιο

14 Apr 2009 12:34 GMT

BULLET: US DATA: Mar retail sales -1.1%, and ex auto -0.9%,..
US DATA: Mar retail sales -1.1%, and ex auto -0.9%, with broad declines,
a shock from the expectation for a small gain. Recession continues.
Sales ex autos and ex gasoline printed -0.8%, after +0.7% in Feb.
Exceptions were necessities of food +0.5% and healthcare +0.4% in the
classic downturn scenario. Motor vehicles -2.3%, electronics -5.9%,
clothing -1.8%, and furniture -1.7% led the declines. Jan-Feb ex auto
sales were revised modestly higher, so there is a chance that Mar will
be revised up in a later report. But the Q1 ex-auto sales avg now stands
BELOW the Q4 avg, confirming GDP will drop sharply. Shockingly weak.

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