Τετάρτη, 10 Φεβρουαρίου 2010

χειμωνας στην αμερικη

Grant Gunderson: Ski Season

© All Photographs by Grant Gunderson. Bryce Phillips skiing powder at night under star trails in the Alta backcountry.
Grant Gunderson is a Mt. Baker Washington-based ski photographer. His work has appeared in magazines like Powder, Skiing, and Backcountry, and he is the photo editor of The Ski Journal.

Adam Ü tele skiing powder at Revelstoke mountain resort.

Dana Flahr throwing a very large lawn dart front flip over the Mt. Baker road gap at dusk while filming for Teton Gravity Research.

Zack Giffin skiing at Mt. Baker, Washington.
 Zack Giffin skiing at Mt. Baker, Washington.

Carston Oliver skiing at Mount Baker backcountry, North Cascades Washington.
 Rene Crawshaw skiing powder at Revelstoke Mountain resort.

 Early morning at Red Mountain, British Colombia.
 Matthias Giraurd skiing powder at Mt. Baker, Washington.

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